Thursday, April 5, 2012

If You Need More Jessie...

Check out my Character Interview with Jessie during my
Bewitching Book Tour at:


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  2. All right, where did you get the picture of the good looking kid?? I thought Jessie would have more of that "bad boy" look, but the one you have on the character interview works for me :)I guess the long sleeve is hiding his tattoo... I also liked the extra info about what happened given in the mock interview. Clever! Again, I am rooting for you here!

  3. That is my husband...LOL! I'm kidding.

    I couldn't find a picture that looked the way I pictured Jessie in my head. Imagine that. Maybe it's because he's fictitious. This was the closest I found to the way I saw him. It's a stock photo and I photoshopped it a little to fit the description from the book.

  4. Georgia,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I loved your book. It was hilarious and I learned a new word: Vajayjay. It took me awhile to figure out what she was talking about! LOL

    Thank you for letting me review it! Thanks for being friends on Goodreads. Can we be friends on Twitter, too? @authoraubrie

  5. Thanks so much. Glad I could teach you a little slang. I can't take credit for creating Vajayjay. Don't remember where that one originated, but it's good stuff.

    I am following you on Twitter now. I expect interesting tweets from you. LOL!

  6. 'If You Need More Jessie...' That's rhetorical, right? Haha. My only thought was 'YES, I DO!'
    Great interview ;D